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Chalk Project | About Chalk Project
Chalk Project is creating uplifting messages with chalk on neighborhood sidewalks
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What is chalk project?


What started out as playing with chalk as a fun after school project with my son in February 2012, has evolved itself into something so much more. Chalk Project is about spreading messages of kindness & inspiration.


Our mission is to spread love, kindness and inspiration to a world that so desperately needs it. We do this by creating original, bright and colorful chalk messages on neighborhood sidewalks, with hopes that these messages show up on public sidewalks and other random places, perhaps colliding at the right time by the person needing to see them most.


Some chalks will simply warm your heart, while others may be more thought provoking or encourage a shift your awareness. Either way, it is our hope these messages will remind you that someone cares and took the time to brighten your day just a little bit more.


We hope this project inspires you, but we need your help! It is our hope to spread these messages to the world & inspire others to start a Chalk Project in their local town. If you would like to become a chalk ambassador or start your own chalk project in the town you live in, we are here to help! Please visit the Chalk Ambassadors page to get some ideas on how to get started.