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Inspirational messages created with chalk on neighborhood sidewalks, sent to your email daily.
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Become a Chalk Ambassador

Our Mission is to create uplifting messages of kindness with chalk on neighborhood sidewalks, with hopes

that these anonymous messages will collide with the person that needs it most.


Our Dream is to have people from all over the world chalking positive messages in their local neighborhoods.

Whether be on a city sidewalk or at the end of a driveway, the more messages we can collectively put out into the
world, the more we can change it! LET’S CHALK THE LOVE ALL OVER THIS WORLD!

Chalk Project Facts

We have now been chalking on sidewalks since February, 2012.

With more and more #chalkambassadors coming on board every single day, we have begun to spread this message on a global scale.


Boxes of Chalk


Chalk Ambassadors




Celebrity Ambassadors

Get Involved!

Below are some simple ways you can get involved. Whether it’s grabbing some chalk and starting a #chalkproject

in your neighborhood, sharing our inspirational messages virtually, or forwarding a friend your Daily Chalk email,

every little way you spread the message matters.


Send us an email to become an official #ChalkAmbassador and we will post your images on

  • Chalk In Your Neighborhood
    • Grab Some Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk
    • Get Some of Your Favorite Quotes
    • Put Your Chalk Message on Social Media
    • Hashtage #chalkproject & #chalkambassador

  • Share Our Chalk
    • Take Pictures of Our Chalk In Person or Online
    • Repost All Images on Your Social Media
    • Hashtage #chalkproject & #ChalkAmbassador
    • Spread the Word!

  • Email Chalk Project
  • Hashtage #chalkproject
    • Look for ANY Chalk Message Online
    • When You Find Them, hashtag them with #chalkproject

Chalk Ambassadors