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Inspirational messages created with chalk on neighborhood sidewalks, sent to your email daily.
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Thank you Jeska for such an amazing interview and a new friendship!

The Chalk Project is a marvelous contribution to the bustling and lively energy of South Beach.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it or have passed by a sidewalk chalk drawing that vibrates with love.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Deneen Renae, founder of the project, who unveiled this artistic motivational campaign on South Beach nearly two years ago.

As I stepped into Deneen’s home, I immediately observed how bright and white her environment was– the walls, the furniture, the floor– and I thought, from what I already know of her, this is clearly an outward manifestation of how she is on the inside.  Deneen is one of the most optimistically positive people I’ve had the privilege to meet; it’s as if you can see straight into her soul through her eyes.  They say that those who suffer the most are the greatest healers, and Deneen certainly has experienced her own unique challenges in life that have led her to share her gifts to uplift others.

You can find the rest of the interview HERE.